Due Diligence

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Our aim is to determine regulatory compliance and the physical conditions of the assets, and to identify significant defects, maintenance defects and breach of legal regulations through visual observations, existing documentation analysis, interviews and any other accessible information.

We verify the existing building’s degree of adaptation regarding the licences issued and the current, applicable regulations. We analyse the urban development situation (development potential, uses, etc.), the degree of compliance regarding the licences issued and the current, applicable regulations (degree of adaptation to the current, applicable regulations).

We elaborate investment schedules to be undertaken by the purchaser, differentiating between immediate investments (regulation or urgent situation), medium term or long term.  We complete our report with a foreseeable maintenance schedule for the asset throughout its lifespan, and we include its replacement value.

We have accredited experience in residential, retail, office, logistic, non-residential and leisure properties, among others.